Friday, 4 March 2016

Jumbulance Visit ~ Year of Mercy ~ Look after the Sick

Today we welcomed a Jumbulance to our school.  The children had the opportunity to board the Jumbulance and hear all about the special work that is done by the charity ACROSS and how it uses the Jumbulance to take sick people on pilgrimage to Lourdes.   

This visit helped us in our focus on the Year of Mercy.  

We have talked about the Corporal Work of Mercy to Visit The Sick.
Although it is not easy for us to visit the sick, we were able to reflect on the 
needs of those who are sick, to pray for them and also those who care for them.
By having a non uniform day we raised £331.  
We will be sending this money to ACROSS to support their wonderful work.


Friday, 26 February 2016

Parent Survey 2016 ~ RE Focus responses

Parent Survey ~ Spring Term 2016

We are good at promoting the religious nature of our school

155 responses ~ 96% Strongly Agree or Agree

What do we do well?

Class masses, teaching RE and promoting the Catholic ethos

By celebrating mass in school. Encouraging the children to attend mass, weekly hymn practice.
Just by walking around the school you see how much work goes in to the children
RE classes with the beautiful work displayed around the school

Build confidence in children...include the whole family in children's education

Friendly approachable staff who care well for the pupils and their education, friendly children.

Christmas Performances, the Family Day especially and the general sentiments
in the newsletters are very driven towards the Catholic faith

Trying to foster a culture of prayer

Both of my children show an excellent understanding of our religious practices for their age.
They love to sing hymns at home and talk about Jesus being the Light of the World.
As a family we have really enjoyed the Reception and Year 2 Christmas Nativity plays and appreciate all the hard work the teachers put into these.
We feel the Religious teaching within the school is excellent.

Ensure children learn about their faith in a simple way to go alongside their development as children

Teaching religion through whole curriculum and encouraging
the children to be kind and care for each other.
Getting involved in wider issues such as the Humanity Washed Ashore collection.
Talking to children about world issues in a compassionate way i.e Paris attacks

Religion is made part of the children's lives in a lovely natural way

My child has a strong understanding of his faith and its ethos within the school.

I love the humility the school promotes with true family and Christian values

Provide a strong relationship between the school and church
Encourage children to do their best and have faith in what they do and learn

Involve children and family in religious celebrations

Involve parents as much as possible

Particularly enjoyed Year 6 leavers Mass last year

Educating the children on religion and teach them how to be
respectful to all other religions while keeping ours.

Assemblies and concerts, Mass etc are linked with our faith.

Promoting the faith and emphasising the importance of the church in everyday school/ life

My child can come home and tell me what I will be expecting to hear in church at the weekend

Teach the children what's right from wrong

Encourage the children to be aware of the value of spirituality

Teaching the children about the saints by all classes having their own class saint.
Also a very good relationship with Fr Paul.

Balanced view of all religions whilst focusing on Catholicism

Teach friendship and values. Provide an excellent learning environment.

It’s a catholic school and the kids have that involved in their everyday life
which is a great start to their lives .
I love the way the school is full of statues of our faith.

Visits to the church for Easter and Christmas performances

Strong leadership. Strong constructive teaching with orientation towards those pupils who require additional needs.  Ongoing review of how to better the school.
Emotional support and awareness for children going through a challenging time.
Strong links with the Brentwood diocese. A programme of school fundraising events
to purchase extra facilities for the pupils.
Excellent links with the priest and church. A strong sense of comradery with parent.

I think the development of the whole child is very evident at Our Lady of Ransom. The spiritual side of the child's development and the importance of being caring and aware of all those around them is clear to see.

The school has really highlighted to both girls the importance of Jesus/God in their lives,
both regularly talked to me about this and have a fantastic understanding.
Although we promote this at home to have it also supported in school really helps
putting others first and the whole idea of community and family in school is very well done

My son is understanding more and more and talking about it regularly.

In addition to the Christmas and Easter services, plays etc. There is also daily prayer which reminds children of god's presence in their daily lives. Other catholic traditions are observed such as the May Procession and the feast days of the National Saints of Britain and Ireland are remembered.

Celebrate and respect religion and culture.

Lovely displays reflecting religious nature and daily classes reflect religious background

I think it is good that they say their prayers every day

Teach the children good morals and give them a good understanding of important Catholic holidays.
It is nice that you discuss and teach the Children certain religious aspects like what baptism is, for us as a family it helped as a member of our family was recently baptised and my son had an understanding of this.

I think the ethos of the way the children are taught is fantastic with an emphasis put on caring for each other and reminding children in prayer that we need to thank God for what we have is great.
The Mass in school on the Family Day is also lovely

I feel that the children develop a strong Christian ethos and are taught to look out for
& help others in trouble/less fortunate than themselves

Prayers throughout the day, Class Masses, Education Sunday, School Mass,
May Procession to name but a few

Class Mass, Celebration of First Holy Communion

Prayers at different stage of the day. Regular visit of Father Paul.

Teaching the children about loving and caring for others, praying and the love of Jesus
Learning about Catholicism and relating it to everyday life.
Class Masses are always lovely - good to see the children engaged and participating in the Mass.  
Very pleased that you teach about other religions too

Prayers at appropriate times during the day.  Class Masses and regular interface / visits from local clergy
Promoting an understanding and appreciation of the catholic faith and other religions

Good understanding of the Catholic religion

Very good at keeping parents informed

Prayers during the day, appropriate songs in assemblies, the school mission statement
is well publicised in the school building and on paperwork

We are not a Catholic family but we are always made to feel welcome and included at services and Mass.

Excellent at teaching the children about our religion and everything we believe in.
Lots of important and new information being passed to our children.

Class assemblies, class Mass and celebrating events in the religious calendar.
Children are taught R.E themes in class throughout the year.

We work very well with our parishes, which leads the children from the different parishes to feel very connected. I believe the Catholic faith runs through the very heart of the school and it's teaching but is wholly inclusive of other faiths.

A good rounded Catholic education, relevant to the year group age

Daily prayers, assemblies and class Masses.
The class Mass is particularly lovely as it is all about the children and they all play a special role.

Teach in a way that makes it easy for the children to understand.

Children of all religious backgrounds receive a good understanding of the Catholic faith.
The school is exceptional in promoting a religious culture.

I think you promote a loving, caring and kind environment, my son is encouraged
to be patient accepting and generous to others and your teaching greatly supports this

Strong sense of family and morals

The school promotes a kind and caring environment for the children to learn in .

Friday, 11 September 2015

Humanity Washed Ashore ~ Collection for the Children

May I say a huge THANK YOU to all who were able to support this wonderful campaign this week, either by donating and dropping off donations, communicating the campaign to others, sorting the hundreds of sacks received or offering to drive them to Southend on Sunday morning. We were delighted to be able to volunteer to be a drop-off centre.

Our children understand that we are all members of God's family, wherever we are in the world, and that we must always do all in our power to support those who are less fortunate than ourselves. We have collected hundreds of sacks full of clothes, toys, nappies and toiletries and as I write the Convent Chapel is absolutely full and spilling out into the car park. Our children and parents, together with members of our parish and the wider Rayleigh community have been so generous throughout this week and we thank them all.

We now have an enormous number of bags that need to be taken to Southend for drop off between 11am and 3pm on Sunday. If you are able to help with this please could you email or get in touch with Glenn via his Facebook page. We will arrange a meeting time at the school and organise what will need to be a convoy to Southend.

The overall collection has become so large that the organisers are now desperate to find someone with a lorry (and driver) to deliver their huge collection of donations to the containers in Ockendon on Wednesday 16th September. If you know someone with a contact who would be willing to help could you please let us know (using the contact details above).


If we are able to help with a proposed second transportation of donations in future weeks we will communicate this via the newsletter and/or other channels.

Our fantastic helpers ~ these wonderful ladies worked through hundreds of bags on Friday to get them sorted and prioritised for our drop off to Southend on Sunday.  We have had may generous gifts in the form of donations this week but the gift of time is a very special one THANK YOU ladies ~ You are all SUPERSTARS! 

You can follow this campaign by visiting the Facebook Page ‘Humanity Washed Ashore ~ Collection for the children’ or by visiting the website

Below is a short video which shows the work of MOAS

Sunday, 19 July 2015

OLOR Family Day 2015

What a difference a year makes! THANK YOU all for another memorable day at the 3rd Our Lady of Ransom Family Day.  I hope that you enjoyed coming together as a school community to share all that is special about our school.